September 10 Board Meeting Script

Here is the meeting link:

SROs are not on the agenda tonight, so we will be speaking during the general public comments right after 6 pm.

To participate:

1) Click on the link above

2) Type in your name and your email to enter the meeting.

3) To comment, click on the Q and A box, and type in “Public comment: your first last name/alias” Do not use the “raise hand” feature. They will call on you and unmute you, and you will have 1 minute to comment. We appreciate the courage and commitment it takes to make your voices heard!

To submit a comment to be read aloud, you must email it by noon today to: with the subject line "Public Comment for September 10th Governing Board Meeting".

Note: both verbal and written comments should take no longer than 1 minute to read aloud.

Sample Script:

“My name is ________ and I am a (your connection to San Jose/SJUSD) and a member of (any local organizations you are a part of). I would like to voice my support for implementing the Derrick Sanderlin Resolution and urge you to end the district’s contract with the San José Police Department. We also want to see the data on student discipline in the Public Records Act Request that was sent to you on July 8th. At the special session on August 25th, the superintendent’s office gave an hour-long presentation in support of SROs. Meanwhile, the authors of the Derrick Sanderlin Resolution were only given 5 minutes to speak, and impacted youth voices were limited to one minute. How does this honor your commitment in the Black Lives Matter Resolution “that the San José Unified School District is committed to providing safe spaces for discussions on race and injustice”? We ask that you seek to fully study what the community is asking for, and agendize an hour-long presentation of the Resolution, youth voices, restorative justice practitioners, mental health professionals, and juvenile justice organizations. Thank you.”